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Integrated Disease Surveillance Project (IDSP)
State and District Surveillance Officer
Two Week Course Content - 2008

This CD contains materials for the Integrated Disease Surveillance Project (IDSP) Two Week Course for State and District Surveillance Officers. 
This CD is organized both by subject areas and by schedule listed to the left side of this page. 

Within the subject area structure, there are specific topics that support each subject area.  Each of these topical areas contains the following components.

Learning Objectives

Statements the describe what you will be able to do upon completion of the instruction


Lectures that are available in PowerPoint Format


Practical exercises used to apply the concepts


Reading material that supports the subject area


Additional information related to the subject area

Within the course schedule structure, the subject areas are accessible by the day using links located within the course schedule.  Each of these daily listings contains the following components:

Participative Sessions

Lectures that are available in PowerPoint Format


Practical exercises used to apply the concepts

Field Exercises

Practical exercises that are conducted outside of the classroom in a public health environment

Course Overview
The course overview is a document that describes the overall description and elements of the course.  In addition to this document, there is also a presentation that summarizes the course. 

There are also additional resources such as case-studies, text books, and other materials located on the Resource page.