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One of the most important objectives of IDSP is strengthening of Disease Surveillance System for epidemic prone diseases to detect and respond to outbreaks. CSU, IDSP receives disease outbreak reports from all the 36 States/UTs on weekly basis through its IDSP portal viz Even NIL weekly reporting is mandatory.

All disease outbreaks reported from the States/UTs are compiled in the form of a Weekly Outbreak Report and is available on the Website. Compilation of these outbreaks in the form of weekly outbreak report (Monday-Sunday) and is available on the website. On an average around 40-50 outbreaks are reported to CSU on weekly basis.

Graph depicting the number of outbreaks responded to and lab confirmed outbreaks

 Outbreak Graph

A total of 553 outbreaks were reported in 2008, 799 outbreaks in 2009, 990 outbreaks in 2010, 1675 outbreaks in 2011, 1584 outbreaks in 2012, 1964 outbreaks in 2013, 1562 in 2014 and 1935 in 2015,2679 in 2016 and 1714 have been reported in 2017. Majority of the reported outbreaks included those of Acute Diarrhoeal Diseases, Food Poisoning and Measles. The weekly outbreak report generated by the CSU is shared with all key stakeholders including the Prime Minister’s Office.

The weekly reporting of outbreaks is significant, because it indicates the paradigm shift in the outbreak reporting attitude enabled by IDSP, from the traditional reluctance to report outbreaks to one that encourages outbreak reporting and response. Data analysis, action and feedback are undertaken by the respective reporting districts/states and also at CSU.

A Unique code (outbreak ID) is assigned from 1st week of January 2016 to each outbreak in the Weekly outbreak Report for easy data storage and retrieval. 

The code consists of the following characters in the following order separated by a /:  

Letter code of State/code of District/ Year/Week/4-digit number for the Disease outbreak

For example, for an outbreak reported in week 1 by Rohtak district of Haryana will reflect as HR/ROH/2016/1/0023